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Knee pain, Knee osteoarthritis, Impaired balance

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Batool, Z., Khan, D., & Jan, M. (2015). FREQUENCY OF IMPAIRED BALANCE IN PATIENTS WITH KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS IN PESHAWAR. Annals of Allied Health Sciences, 1(1), 25-28. Retrieved from


AIM: The aim of the study was to determine the frequency of impaired balance in knee osteoarthritic patients in Peshawar.
METHODS: This study was a cross sectional survey. The sample was taken from the three teaching hospitals of Peshawar. A total of 150 patients with knee osteoarthritis were recruited in the study using convenient sampling. Patients with unstable cardiac condition, physical deformity, visual problems and amputation were not included in the study. The tools used in this study were a screening questionnaire & Berg Balance scale. Inform consent was taken from all the patients. Questionnaires were filled by the patients for screening. Balance of the patients was measured using Berg Balance Scale. The scale consists of 14 items. Each item was scored according to the performance of the patient.
RESULTS: Results showed that sample consists of 56% of females and 43% of males. Out of total, 49 patients were aged between 45-51 years, 66 patients were aged between 52-58 years and 35 patients were aged between 59-65 years. Among 150 patients, 22 have experienced more than 2 falls in the last one year. The prevalence of impaired balance was 48% in this population. Balance impairment was more prevalent in patients aged 52-58 years. Females with knee osteoarthritis have more compromised balance then males.
CONCLUSION: The study concluded that knee osteoarthritis has an impact on balance. Impaired balance was more prevalent in patients aged more than 52 years.

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