Association between Low Back pain and Prolonged Standing in University Teachers
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Low back pain, prolonged standing, risk factors, university teachers

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Kashif, M., Darain, H., Sharif, F., Jamil, M., Majeed, S., & Ullah, I. (2017). Association between Low Back pain and Prolonged Standing in University Teachers. Annals of Allied Health Sciences, 3(1), 8-13. Retrieved from


Background: Occupations that require standing for longer duration are often associated with increased risk of low back pain. Teaching is one of the professions that may be regarded with high prevalence of low back pain.

Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the association between low back pain and standing and to find out the contributing factors of backache in university teachers.

Methodology: A cross sectional survey was conducted on university teachers of Faisalabad. Demographic information, work ergonomics and problem relevant data were collected from the respondents by using self-made questionnaire.

Results: Out of 105 respondents, 50(47.62%) subjects had backache. Weak positive association (p value 0.017) was found between low backache and continuous standing. Prevalence was higher in female respondents (57.2%) as compared to male respondents (36.7%). Moreover, pain was more frequent in respondents with higher BMI values and who assumed uneven weight bearing posture while standing.

Conclusion: The study concludes that Backache is associated with prolong standing periods in addition to other ergonomic and occupational risk factors that lead to the onset of backache

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