• Anees Muhammad
  • Muhammad Asif Zeb
  • Malik Zeb Khan
  • Hina Hayat
  • Mehreen Hameed
  • Aman Ullah


Anemia, Complete blood count, End stage renal failure disease


Objective: The objective of current study was to evaluate the anemia and its severity in end stage renal failure patients through complete blood count analysis.

Methods: This analytical cross-sectional study was conducted at tertiary health care hospital in Peshawar. A total of 120 end stage renal failure patients with 120 healthy control group for determination of anemia were included in present study. Blood analysis was accomplished on sysmex haematology analyzer for complete blood count. Statistical analysis was executed on SPSS version 21 along with Microsoft excel 2016.

Results: Total of 240 blood samples was obtained in which 120was control group individuals and same number of samples with end stage renal failure patients. Male ratio was high as compared to female with mean age was 40.47+15.27 years range from 12 to 85 years. Prominent burden was ascertained of kidney failure patients in 45-60 years of age while the least noted in 0-15 years children. Almost, all the indices of red blood cells along with leucocytes and platelets was significantly decreased in renal failure patients. Mean Hb level was 9.23±1.66 g/dl in all kidney failure patients.

Conclusion: It is concluded with the result of present study that anemia (91.7%) is commonly observed in renal failure patients due to continuous loss of blood during regular and periodic dialysis along with impairment of kidney function. Appropriate treatment must be taken in these patients along with the earlier diagnostic strategy.



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Muhammad, A., Zeb, M. A., Khan, M. Z., Hayat, H., Hameed, M., & Ullah, A. (2019). ANEMIA IN END STAGE RENAL FAILURE PATIENTS. Annals of Allied Health Sciences, 4(2), 52–55. Retrieved from

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